Meet our Pets

Discover the heartwarming side of the NEBS Lab as we introduce our cherished canine companions, delightful feline friends, and adorable rabbits. Explore the joy, camaraderie, and wagging tails that make our lab more than just a workplace—it's a home filled with the love of our four-legged colleagues. 


Rocky and Elly

Dr. Mobley’s Pets

Meet Rocky Jackson Mobley (top).  Rocky was adopted as a puppy from Haile’s Angels Rescue group in March of 2020.  Rocky enjoys taking walks, naps, barking at any trucks in the neighborhood, and hiding from his canine sister, Elly.





Meet Elly Rae Mae Mobley (bottom).  Elly was born in 2022 and also adopted after being a foster from Haile’s Angels Rescue group in the summer of 2022.  Elly enjoys chasing squirrels, barking at other dogs in the neighborhood, cuddling, chewing everything, and following around her brother, Rocky, everywhere.


Marissa's French Bulldog

This is Max. He is almost 4 years old! Max loves to sunbathe and cuddle, but most of all, he loves food. You can always catch him trying to steal food off the table or getting into trouble by knocking over the treat bag.


Jamie's Cat 

This is Clover. She is now a 5-year-old cat but will always be a kitty in Jamie's eyes. Clover was found on the side of the road, weighing less than a pound. Allergic to cats and never once a cat owner, Jamie instantly fell in love and decided to take her in. "Clover" symbolizes how lucky Jamie felt she was to have found this kitty, and they have been inseparable ever since! Clover loves playing with shoelaces, snacking on treats, greeting people at the door with rolls/big stretches, and napping on soft blankets.

Draco, Chester, and Grayson

Whitney's Rabbits

Meet Grayson (top)! He is a sweet and loving rabbit who lives to sleep in the bed. When he becomes energized from his naps, Grayson loves showing out for his mother and his siblings by doing binkies. After he has tired himself out, he looks forward to eating his favorite snacks, which include bananas and timothy hay treats. 

Meet Draco (left), a continental giant rabbit! He is a four-year-old rabbit who initially appears to be a bad boy, but once you get to know him, he’s just a big scaredy cat. Draco loves cuddles, especially with his teddy bear and his siblings. 

Meet Chester (right), a Florida White Rabbi! He is a five-year-old rescue rabbit initially found roaming the streets of Gainesville. Since finding his forever home, Chester's favorite pastime is eating bananas, kale, and timothy hay treats. When not feasting, he will likely be found begging his mother for snacks or cuddling with his siblings. 





Tango and Zorro

Alyssa's Cats

Meet Tango (left). He is 4 years old and is a sweet, cuddly boy who loves getting as much catnip as possible. Tango enjoys looking out the window and playing with objects around the house that are not his toys. His best friend is Zorro.

Meet Zorro (right). He is 3 years old and full of energy! He is a great best friend to Tango but does try to steal his treats every now and again. Zorro loves taking long naps and demands attention and pets, especially at 3:00 am.


Siena's Dog

This is Pepper! He is a schnauzer-poodle mix. Pepper loves to play fight. He always acts tougher than he is, but no worries; he is all bark, no bite. Some of his favorite activities include swimming, going on car trips, sleeping, and, of course, barking. Finally, Pepper is great at begging for food with his puppy eyes. 

Ellie and Corn

Emma's Cats

Meet Ellie (left) and Corn (right). They were found together as kittens in November 2022 by a friend of a friend and were given to Emma. Ellie and Corn spend their time snuggling, birdwatching on the screened-in porch, and yelling for food (they are not hungry, I promise). Fun fact: they will both sit and stand for treats!


Nelta's Cat

This is Prince and he’s 3 years old! He loves to play, and enjoys cuddles. His favorite things to do are sitting at the window and do some bird watching, or watching cat tv on YouTube.